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Name of A daughter of Artaxerxes II, whom the king gave in marriage to the Pharnacid satrap of the Hellespontine-Phrygia, Pharnabazus, in about 388 B.C. (Plutarch Artaxerxes 27). She was the mother of the famous Artabazus (K. J. Beloch, “Artabazos,” Janus: Festschrift für C. F. Lehmann-Haupt, Vienna and Leipzig, l921, p. 8). Artaxerxes II Mnemon (Old Persian: , meaning “whose reign is through truth”) was the King of Kings of Persia from 404 BC until his death in 358 BC. He was a son of Darius II and Parysatis. Greek authors gave him the epithet “Mnemon” (Ancient Greek: in Old Persian: abiataka), meaning “remembering; having a good memory”. The purpose of the design was to look at iranian architecture from the past And design for today,The idea is connecting the furniture in today’s world with the throne of the past.

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