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Laravel 8.64 Released

Laravel 8.64 Released

The Laravel team released 8.64 with an @aware blade directive to access parent component data and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

Laravel 8.64.0 ships today with support for a new “@aware” Blade directive that allows child components to easily access parent component data when needed.
📚 Check out the example in the docs:

— Taylor Otwell 🪐 (@taylorotwell) October 12, 2021

The @aware Blade Directive

The new @aware directive allows child components to easily access parent component data when needed:

<!-- Example usage -->
<x-menu color="purple">

@aware(['color' => 'gray'])
<li {{ $attributes->merge(['class' => 'text-'.$color.'-800']) }}>
    {{ $slot }}

You can learn more about accessing parent data in the Laravel Blade documentation.

Strip Tags Stringable Method

Craig Anderson contributed a stripTags() Stringable method to use PHP’s strip_tags() as part of a fluent string chain:

Str::of('<strong>before<strong><br />after')->stripTags();

Language Path Helper Function

Rodolfo Ruiz contributed a lang_path() helper that will look for the lang directory in both the resources path and a top-level lang folder in the root of a Laravel project:

// PROJECT_DIR/resources/lang or PROJECT_DIR/lang
$langPath = lang_path();
// PROJECT_DIR/resources/lang/es or PROJECT_DIR/lang/es
$langPath = lang_path('es');
// PROJECT_DIR/resources/lang/en or PROJECT_DIR/lang/en
$langPath = lang_path('en');

A “throw if” HTTP Client Method

Ahmad Mayahi contributed a throwIf() method that accepts a boolean to only throw an exception if the value passed is true:


Collections “has any” Method

Craig Anderson contributed a hasAny() method to collections, which will return a boolean if the collection contains any of the passed values:

// returns `true`
collect(['first' => 'Hello', 'second' => 'World'])
    ->hasAny(['first', 'fourth']);
// returns `false`
collect(['first' => 'Hello', 'second' => 'World'])
    ->hasAny(['third', 'fourth']);

Release Notes (for v8.64.0)

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.63.0 and 8.64.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:


  • Added reduceMany to Collections (#39078)
  • Added Illuminate/Support/Stringable::stripTags() (#39098)
  • Added Illuminate/Console/OutputStyle::getOutput() (#39099)
  • Added lang_path helper function (#39103)
  • Added @aware blade directive (#39100)
  • New JobRetrying event dispatched (#39097)
  • Added throwIf method in Client Response (#39148)
  • Added Illuminate/Collections/Collection::hasAny() (#39155)


  • Fixed route groups with no prefix on PHP 8.1 (#39115)
  • Fixed code locating Bearer token in InteractsWithInput (#39150)


  • Refactoring Illuminate/Log/LogManager::prepareHandler() (#39093)
  • Flush component state when done rendering in View (04fc7c2)
  • Ignore tablespaces in dump (#39126)
  • Update SchemaState Process to remove timeout (#39139)
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